Let’s Do Something!

I will start posting links and ideas on how we can change ourselves which will help the earth to change.

Please leave suggestions.

Also check my site http://www.ItsMySymphony.com to get started.

Here’s a great place to start learning about how to take care of your body.

and http://www.EMEarth.com here you can learn about effexctive microorganisms and how to use them to eat toxic waste.


If you believe in the law of attraction you may be interested in AccessConsciousness. Check out the web site http://www.AccessConsciousness.com

The Need Act

Watch this video of Representative Dennis Kucinich explaining why he believes we need the National Emergency Defence Act. If you agree please call your congressman today and ask them to support it. <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/oUpXDZFtEHw” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


This is a rose in my back yard. Did you know roses were edible!?


I have been waiting for this era for a very long time. It is so very exciting for us to be right in the middle of the era of 2012. We have begun a great new time in the history of The Earth and The Universe. Hence, the web site name, Our Abundant Universe.

I know many of you are very curious and possible very afraid of the things that are going on these days. I will have here information, which will allow you to make a decision for your self as to what is happening here on Our Abundant Universe.

There are very good things happening and I will post things here for you to see that. Many times something bad will “fuel” the start of a new way of doing things that are better for us than what we were doing before. This is what I believe is going on now. The bad is forcing us to do the good!

With Love,

Maryellen Vastola Little